Services that don’t meet all families’ needs

Part 3

Part 3

We wanted to find out how family support can work better for people from a minority ethnic background

So we asked young people and parents about their experiences of family support and how it could be made better

Here’s what  they said 

There is a lack of diversity and cultural sensitivity among services and practitioners

This makes it difficult for families and young people to relate to support providers

Some families and young people feel they aren't being listened to or taken seriously, or that they are being judged

More than 40% of survey respondents said the support they received made no difference or made things worse

There was a need for good, culturally sensitive services, good appropriate understanding of family dynamics

Dad, Sandwell


Families and young people aren’t always involved in decisions about their support

Support needs to be collaborative. Services should work with families about what is on offer, so informed decisions can be made

Mum, Nottingham


What did our report recommend?

What did our report recommend?

Early help and wider family support services must be designed to better respond to the needs of minority ethnic families

Staff must be equipped with the skills to build trusting relationships with minority ethnic families

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