Difficulties accessing services

Part 2

Part 2

We wanted to find out how family support can work better for people from a minority ethnic background

So we asked young people and parents about their experiences of family support and how it could be made better

Here’s what  they said 

Families face multiple barriers when they actively try to seek help.  This means families are not always able to access the services they need.

Many families repeatedly reach out to try and find someone who would listen and take action

Sometimes felt like I wasn't taken seriously, or as if I was just complaining and there was nothing wrong


Young person, male, Brent

Families also experience practical barriers that can stop them from getting the help they need, like juggling work, finding childcare or needing to travel

Parents and young people called for support services that are well promoted and easier to access

[We need an] accessible service that is easy to navigate and joined-up


Mum, Warwick

What did our report recommend?

What did our report recommend?

There must be  'no wrong path'  to accessing services for minority ethnic young people or families who reach out for help

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