Experiencing racism & discrimination

Part 1

Part 1

We wanted to find out how family support can work better for people from a minority ethnic background

So we asked young people and parents about their experiences of family support and how it could be made better

Here’s what  they said 

Some minority ethnic parents and young people experience racism and discrimination when they try to access services

Some families feel they need to act differently when seeking support

[Support] is done through a white lens.  I have to  'act white' so that I get the support I need


Mum, Bath

Some young people  also experience discrimination based on their age or feel that they aren't taken seriously

People wouldn't believe the things I went through because as they said  I was too young to go through  a lot

Young person, female, Brent

Parents and young people said that support services needed to consider families’ cultural differences and religious beliefs

The only way to eliminate it is support through education to the whole of the society

Mum, Kirklees


What did our report recommend?

What did our report recommend?

All services working with children and families must put plans in place to eradicate racism and discrimination

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